Double Lining Full length Body Hugging Tops


Discover snug-fitting Double Lining Hugging Tops from our direct supplier in Taytay, Rizal. Perfect for sizes XS to Medium (stretching to Large), these tops are ideal for both individual buyers and resellers looking for quality and style. Bulk orders welcomed!

Direct Supplier: Taytay Rizal

Discover our collection of Double Lining Hugging Tops, crafted to provide exceptional comfort and style. These tops come in a semi-fit design, suitable for sizes ranging from XS to Medium, with a stretch capability accommodating up to Large sizes.

We’re open for bulk orders and welcome resellers to join us in bringing these quality pieces to a wider audience. Reach out to us today to explore partnership opportunities!



Plus Size




Sleeve Length

Short Sleeves

Cropped Top


Ships From

Angono, Rizal


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